Creekside Park: A Renovated Wonderland

Creekside Park has been a part of the Brentwood Park landscape for decades.  It has offered years of fun, memories, and adventures for Brentwood families since the 1980s.  Recently, the park was given a complete face-lift with a park renovation. If you have not yet had the chance to visit the upgraded park, now is the perfect time to schedule a day at Creekside!  Local Backroads is excited to feature the park upgrades!

How To Get To Creekside Park

Creekside Park is located at 1010 Claremont Drive, in Brentwood, CA.  Like many parks in Brentwood, Creekside Park is accessible from the Marsh Creek Trail that winds its way throughout the community.  This means you can arrive to the park on foot, bike, scooter, or by car. Creekside Park is tucked away into a Brentwood neighborhood and offers street-side parking.

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So Many Amenities

Creekside Park is a large park.  With over 6 acres of parkland, there is space to enjoy most outdoor activities. Added to the fact the park borders the Marsh Creek trail, the options of how to spend the day are nearly limitless.  The park also has been overlooked for years because it truly did need a facelift. However, the upgrades the City of Brentwood has channeled into the park make it a quintessential piece of the local park landscape.

Creekside Park Brentwood Ca

The play structures at Creekside Park are part of the renovation.  There are two distinct areas of play. First, the structure designed for children aged 2 to 5 years old. This is a smaller framed structure that offers a variety of climbing challenges with fun amenities.  The larger structure is a whopping 3 stories tall, designed for kids aged 5 to 12 years old! In all of our park adventures, this is – hands down – the largest structure we have ever seen. With a forest and log cabin theme, it really does feel like an outdoor adventure.  Aspects of the park are also ADA compliant, making this park one of the cities accessible parks

Creekside Park Brentwood Ca - Basketball Court

Creekside Park also has several sports courts for more formal games.  A well-maintained, and recently upgraded, full basketball court is available.  No reservations are required – so, it is a first-come, first-served court. No basketball equipment is provided – but the court will provide hours of fun!  There is also a full, lighted tennis court! This is an awesome addition to the park, as very few public parks have tennis courts. These have also recently been renovated and remain well maintained.

There are multiple BBQ grills and 6 shaded picnic tables. Balanced with the enriched play structures, tennis and basketball courts, and expansive grass area, this allows you to spend a full day with your family at the park.   

Special Touches At Creekside Park

Creekside Park has the most natural shade of any park in the area. Since the park is a mature park, there have been decades for trees to grow and provide the luxury of shade throughout the park.  In the heat of Brentwood summer, shade is a welcomed addition to the park. The layers of shade make Creekside a cooler option than some of the newer parks.

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Creekside Park Brentwood Ca - Art Work

Another special aspect of the park is the expansive grass area. There is a baseball diamond for kickball games, baseball, and softball.  For families that enjoy frisbee, relay races, tag, and soccer – the grass space gives you more than enough room to run. And unlike other parks, the area is so great, you could even fly a kite on evenings with a small breeze!  Creekside Park holds special ranking in the series of featured parks in Brentwood.

Enjoy A Featured Park

With 100 developed parks in Brentwood alone, deciding which park to visit – or finding a new park that provides fun and enjoyment for your entire family, can be difficult.  Continue to learn about our Featured Parks on Local Backroads and it will be clear why parks are Better in Brentwood.

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