Erin Summit with Land Home Financial: A Business Profile

Who Is Erin Summit?

Erin Summit has dedicated 15 years to the Financial Industry as a loan officer, helping families build personal wealth through real estate transactions.  She began her career working as a loan processor and quickly realized how much she enjoyed the industry. Even more importantly, Erin appreciated the fact her work could help people realize their homeownership goals.  Erin refers to her work within the financial industry as her calling.

Erin Summit

Erin Summit


Erin has called Land Home Financial home for nearly 7 years. Although she has worked with other lending houses, Land Home Financial is where Erin feels at home and has truly built her business. Even after a brief interlude at another lender, she returned to Land Home Financial.  She realized that her goals and beliefs as a lender aligned closely with those of Land Home, making it the ideal bank for her to continue building her business.

Land Home Financial is considered a community lender. What makes this special for consumers is that when you purchase a home through a Land Home Financial product, it is likely they will also service your loan.  Additionally, for finance customers who may not fit into the traditional profile of mortgagee, Land Home has tools for more out of the box programs to answer to unique lending needs.

A Commitment to Community

Erin Volunteering with Rotary

Erin Volunteering with Rotary

Another important differentiator for Erin Summit is how committed Land Home is to the community.  As an organization, loan officers are actively involved in non-profits and other organizations that work tirelessly to improve the communities they serve.  Erin explained as a young professional, she worried about working in the same town she lived in. But, with Land Home, she is excited she can “see my customers in the grocery store, around town, and they know my children. I love that I get to share the community with my customers.” She also explained, “When I see my customers, I am excited when they want to talk about their financial products.  When they are happy, it is a clear sign I did a good job.” And as an active Rotarian, Erin is able to not just support the community through lending, but give back to the community through community service initiatives.

The Difference with Erin Summit

Summit - Best of Brentwood

Summit – Best of Brentwood

The difference in working with Erin at Land Home Financial is clear.  Her passion for finance, her commitment to continuous education, engagement with the community she serves and her ability to help her clients meet their real estate goals is undeniable. Balanced with a zeal for life, love for family and an unmatched work ethic, you can trust that your experience with Erin willl be extraordinary. Even more importantly, even after the close of escrow, Erin remains accessible, available and willing to help customers.  She explained, “My customers become an important part of my community. Just because their loan funded doesn’t mean our relationship ends.”

Erin’s record of excellence is demonstrated through her on-going awards.  Erin has been the recognized Best of Brentwood in lending for the last 6 consecutive years. She has also adorned the cover of the 110 Magazine for Successful Women Entrepreneurs.  

How To Get In Touch

You can find Erin (NMLS#897227) at the Brentwood Branch of Land Home Financial,  located at 3180 Balfour Rd, Suite D in Brentwood, CA 94513.

Reach her directly: 925-418-7612

Branch line is 925-415-7600  

Email: Erin.Summit@LHFS.com

Cell Phone: 510-304-6216

To learn more about Land Home Financial and Erin Summit, follow the link

Regardless of where you are in the real estate market, Erin has the knowledge to help you make smart financial choices to help your meet your real estate goals. From home refinance, first time homebuyers, or working with veterans, reach out to Erin to learn more about how home ownership looks on you.


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