Chrissy Amaral Shares Her Commitment to Health with LifeVantage

The idea of “getting healthy” can be intimidating.  From exercise, nutrition, and sleep – making the decision to ‘get healthy’ is overwhelming.  However, Chrissy Amaral was introduced to a company called LifeVantage that not only changed her life but gave her the tools to bring health to friends, family and loved ones. 


Chrissy LifeVantage Consultant

A Bit of Background

Chrissy explained that she has spent a large period in her life, “getting healthy.”  The good news is that her efforts with controlled nutritional plans and exercise routines is that she lost 75 pounds!  And with the improved lifestyle decisions, she said she ‘just felt better’ and knew she was healthier. But, she also learned that a healthy lifestyle does not always eliminate all of your health concerns.

A few years ago, Chrissy began to suffer from heart palpitations.  This is when she knew, just losing weight wasn’t going to allow her to take control of her life the way she truly wanted.  Keeping in mind she wanted to steer clear of pharmaceuticals, she began to do her own research. She just kept thinking, “I don’t want to just fix the problem, I want to know WHY the problem exists and fix that.” This is when Chrissy came across a company called LifeVantage, a publically traded biotech company, that focuses on reducing oxidative stress. Oxidative stress has been connected to many of the health obstacles that people struggle to overcome. 

Science Brings New Paths of Health 

LifeVantage is a company that specializes in nutritional genomics, also known as nutrigenomics.  This is the science of studying the relationship between the human genome, nutrition, and health. What Chrissy found once she began to integrate these products into her life was a relief and the peace of mind she had found the solution her body needed.


Chrissy LifeVantage Consultant and mother

Finally, heart palpitations dissipated.  She also felt like she did have control over the direction of her life.  Not only did her heart palpitations stop, but she also found greater clarity, energy, and calmness that is noticeable by herself and her family.  Balancing LifeVantage products with improved nutrition and exercise she already was doing meant she finally felt she really did  “do better, be better and FEEL better.” It was a win-win. Chrissy says, she finally felt like her best “self, mom, friend and colleague.”  

An Opportunity to Share LifeVantage

Like many companies, LifeVantages provides people to opportunity to work as a consultant. With a constant stream of continuing education, Chrissy loves how she is always learning, speaking with medical physicians on panels, and able to exchange ideas with other like-minded people.  She also loves that she is bringing health to people who have struggled, much like herself. She has also learned that to find your best space of health, you must be your own advocate and do a lot of research. 


Chrissy LifeVantage Consultant

Chrissy has embraced LifeVantage as a way to provide an opportunity to preventative care that is a natural option for the community.  Backed by 27 peer-reviewed studies, science seems to be clear.  The work is rewarding and she explains that she is grateful when she sees her customers find relief that they have been looking for, once they begin working with LifeVantage products.

Learn More About LifeVantage 

If you would like to learn more about Chrissy, her journey, or more about LifeVantage products, visit her website or contact her directly at 925-260-3982. 

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