Arbolado Park: Exploring Walnut Creek

Local Backroads is excited to introduce our first Walnut Creek Park.  We began our explorations at Arbolado Park, located at Arbolado Drive at Doncaster Drive in Walnut Creek, CA.  This 26.5 acre park blends green grass, mature shade trees with amenities for children of all ages to enjoy. Arbolado Park is a beautiful slice of Walnut Creek to enjoy your day.  

How To Get To Arbolado Park

Arbolado Park is easily accessible by car, with expansive parking options.  In fact, Arbolado Park has two large parking lots. One is located immediately next to the play structures, while the other makes accessing the large soccer fields simple.  It is also simple to arrive by foot, bike or scooter from the surrounding residential community. 

So Many Amenities

Arbolado Park is an expansive park.  For families large and small, there is a space for everyone to enjoy and something for them to do.  From open grassy knolls, soccer fields, tennis courts, picnic tables, and play structures, your time will be filled with fun at the park. 

Grassy Knolls - Arbolado Park

The two play structures are set up in a way that allows children to enjoy age, and size, appropriate structures.  One is designated for children aged 2-5 years old, while the larger structure is designated for those 5-12 years of age.  Both structures offer moderate shading and many challenging obstacles to incite adventure and wonder. 

Arbolado Park - 2 play structures

If your family enjoys sports more than play structures, Arbolado park offers two full basketball courts.   There are a full court and a half-court option, 4 well-maintained hoops, and no need for reservations or permits.  Arbolado Park also has extremely well-maintained tennis courts. These courts are open to the public but can be reserved for organized classes and events.  There is no equipment provided, outside of nets, for either the tennis or the basketball courts, so come prepared with your own for hours of fun.  

Tennis Courts - Arbolado Park

A Perfect Place for A BBQ

Arbolado Park also has many picnic tables spread throughout the park.  Many of the table clusters also have BBQ grills available. Again, no reservations are required – but shaded picnic tables and BBQ areas may fill up quickly on the weekend.  To get the first pick of the tables and grills, arrive early! Because of the amenities, a large number of tables, open space and lots of parking, Arbolado Park would make a great place for a birthday party, team building event or family reunion.  

Family-Friendly Touches At Arbolado Park

This gem of a park in Walnut Creek.  One important characteristic is the well-maintained restrooms.  Another convenient amenity is the numerous water fountains and hydration stations woven throughout the park.  These water features include a water fountain, a pet drinking station, and a water bottle refill station. On hot days, this can be a lifesaver! Finally, Arbolado Park has a massive field that is perfect for soccer, lacrosse, or even flag football games.   Organized sports require permitting through the City of Walnut Creek. But, for pick-up games in the park, this is a truly special space. 

Play Structure - Arbolado Park

Enjoy A Featured Park

With hundreds of developed parks throughout the East Bay, deciding which park to visit – or finding a new park that provides fun and enjoyment for your entire family, can be difficult.  Continue to learn about our Featured Parks on Local Backroads.

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