A Garden Box Brings the Best of Our Backroads to Our Backyards

There is no doubt that the landscape of Conta Costa County is spectacular.  From the majestic Mt. Diablo as a backdrop to the rolling hills covered in vineyards to the acres and acres of orchards, gardens and open farmland.  And although we are all surrounded by beautiful terrain, we often do not know how to bring the beauty into our own backyards. One simple tip brought to us by the owner Chris Jehs of AJ’s Landscaping, is to build a simple DIY garden box in your backyard. 

The Benefits of a Garden Box

The benefits of building a garden box in your yard are countless.  Chris Jehs mentioned that many people want a garden in their yards, but are unsure of gardening.  Building a simple raised garden box allows homeowners to find their green thumbs without making any permanent changes to their outdoor living spaces.

DIY Planter Box - First Generation Farmers

Another benefit of a garden box is they can be flexible. This means you can move where they are located in your yard without any major renovations.  You can also build them in a way that meets the landscape design needs of your yard. Plus, garden boxes can be raised. This allows you to build it so it is comfortable for you to use and make mixing the best soil proportions simple.  Plus, when you plant a garden, you get to reap the benefits of organic, garden-fresh produce right from the convenience of your home. 

What To Plant In Your New Garden Box

Once you have the garden box built, there are many things that you can plant.  We were able to speak with Autumn Brooks of First Generation Farmers to learn what was best to plant in the Fall season. She recommended fast, fun veggies that kids can help with, including:

  • Brocolli
  • Cauliflower 
  • Kale
  • Lettuce
  • Collard greens
  • Swiss Chard 

DIY Planter Box - Plant Greens

Autumn also recommended thinking ahead when it comes to gardening.  She explained that there are a variety of veggies that can be grown throughout the year.  As soon as the fall veggies are planted, she explained it was a good idea to start thinking about what sort of winter vegetables could be planted in your garden box after the greens, broccoli, and cauliflower were harvested.    

How to Build A Garden Box 

To build a garden box, Chris recommended starting with Planter Wall Blocks and precut redwood plants from a local home improvement store.  He mentioned that the Planter Wall Blocks are functional and allow homeowners to build a raised garden bed without being construction savvy. By simply stacking and lining the blocks together with 2 x 6 wooden boards, you can have a fully prepared, functional and beautiful planter box.  

DIY Planter Box

Required Equipment

  • Planter wall blocks
  • Wooden boards
  • Rod bars for stability
  • Garden Soil 

Assembly Directions

  1. Set up your boards in the design you wish to set up your planter box.  
  2. Prepare the Planter Wall Blocks at the corners of your planter box design.
  3. Simply slide in 2 x 6 wooden boards into the side slats to create a call or border.  The boards can be cut to answer to whatever configuration you are interested in.
  4. You can stack the Planter Wall Blocks up to 2 feet high.  It is recommended that rod bars are used to fix the blocks into the ground and deck screws to attach the wood capping. 
  5. Add soil and mulch
  6. Plant and start to enjoy your new raised garden! 

Enjoy Your New Planter Box

Just by following these few simple steps, you can bring in the beauty of Contra Costa into your backyard.  Plus, by using redwood, you can cultivate an organic garden and enjoy the delicious flavors from vegetables you grow!  Plus, building a garden box is a great way for homeowners to learn about gardening and decide if they want to work with a landscape designer for more intricate garden boxes.  To learn more about what vegetables you could plant in your garden box, talk to the experts at First Generation Farmers. You can also talk to the team at AJ’s Landscaping and Outdoor Design to see what other landscape modifications you can make to your outdoor living spaces an extension of your home. 

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