European Wine Pairings Series at Petersen Vineyards

Experience 3-nights of European flavors at Petersen Vineyards Wine Pairing Series.  Learn more about the rich flavors of Europe that compliment some excellent wine! The series begins with a visit to Greece, followed by an exploration of the Iberian Penisula and ends with a sampling of French cuisine.

Enjoy an evening of delectable small bites from nearby restaurants and establishments paired with wine from neighboring wineries.  Add beautiful views, great conversations with live music and you have the combination for a delightful evening out. 

The Taste of Greece

The first night at Petersen highlights the sounds, flavors, and energy of Greece with Greek Night.  Be prepared for the bright flavors of Mediterranean cuisine paired with bold wine pairings. Think olives, pita bread and a variety of flavorful Greek-themed appetizers.  

Petersen Vineyards with Opa!

More InfoFriday, October 25th – Greek Night at Petersen Vineyards

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The Iberian Peninsula

The second event in the series is Iberian Night where Petersen brings to life the flavors of Europe as enjoyed in Spain and Portugal.  With live flamenco music in the background, the essence of the Iberian Peninsula will invigorate your palate with saffron, paprika, olive oil, and garlic. 

Friday, November 1st – Iberian Night at Petersen Vineyards

Petersen Vineyards with Zephyr Grill

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European Flavors of France

The last event in the series if French Night, where Petersen’s Vineyard celebrates French cuisine with gourmet cheeses from Tres Bien Creamery.   You will be able to sample wine from local winegrowers paired with a wonderful assortment of cheeses that range from sweet, spicy to savory. Enjoy an evening of old-world cheese-making tradition with innovation in flavors that highlight the complexity and joy of French cuisine. 

More Info – Friday, November 8th – French Night at Petersen Vineyards

Petersen Vineyards with Tres Bien Creamery

Featured Restaurant and Wineries

Get Your Tickets Now

The events at Petersen Vineyard are a perfect way for you to escape the stresses of day-to-day life without having to jump on a plane.  Petersen is a welcoming host and will ensure you enjoy every minute of your evening with great wines, fun international food pairings, and entertainment. To get your tickets in advance, visit Petersen Vineyard’s website and event page. You can also purchase your tickets at the door.

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