Dell’Osso Family Farm brings Holidays on The Farm

If you have spent any time exploring our local backroads, farms, orchards and fruit stands are something you are undoubtedly familiar with.  But, if you do more than drive by the expansive Dell’Osso Family  Farm, located in Lathrop, California, you will find this farm offers more than meets the eye and is the perfect way to spend the day during the holiday season.


Family Fun at Del’Osso Family Farm

Dell'Osso Farm Giant Slide - Local Backroads

Dell’Osso Farm Giant Slide – Local Backroads

Although sitting around a warm fire, watching movies, and drinking hot cocoa is undeniably fun – getting outside and having a day filled with playful laughter is also an obligatory part of the holiday season.  Dell’Osso Holidays on the Farm is the perfect way to get outside and play and include everyone on the family and friends list.

The ways you can spend your time at Holidays on the Farm are nearly limitless. For families with very young children, options are abundant and include a train trip, a petting zoo, peddle car raceway, and pony rides. But, for the more adventurous, Dell’Osso has some options that keep everyone smiling and in the holiday spirit.

dell'osos snow hill - local backroads

dell’osos snow hill – local backroads

The first option is snow tubing down a mountain referred to as “Snow Hill.”  You are required to book your tubing session online before arriving to the park. However, it will guarantee 90 minutes of unlimited Snow Tubing.  Because it is as fun as it looks, tickets sell out. So, plan and print your e-ticket before you leave your home.  Kids as little as 36” can ride, as long as they are with an adult.  Kiddos and adults alike can ride as long as they are 42” tall and can reach and hold on to the handles. If you love speed and laughter, tubing is on the “must-do” list.

Dell'osso Farm Ice Skating - Local Backroads

Dell’osso Farm Ice Skating – Local Backroads

A second option is Ice Skating. Admittedly, speed is subjective here.  More experienced skaters will have the space to pick up speed.  But even the novice skater can enjoy the large outdoor ice rink and take lessons!   Each session includes 30 minutes of instruction and 30 minutes of supervised practice from a professional skating coach.  Regardless of how skilled of a skater you are, the brisk air and warm sun that surrounds the ice, makes for the perfect afternoon outside.

A third option is a zip-line.  The Zip Lines allow you to fly over the farm and take in the holiday scenery from a birds-eye view.  You can purchase entrance to the zip-line when you arrive at the farm. And, like all of the other attractions, you can maintain peace of mind knowing that the team assisting with the harness systems are also well trained and prepare you for a safe, but speedy, ride over the farms. 

A fourth option is a hayride through the grounds to view the spectacular display of holiday lights. You can enjoy the holiday lights through the “Open Air” hayride or see them while riding on the “Dell’ Osso Express” train ride. Either way will be a magical experience!

Holiday Shopping and Treats 

After you have spent the morning zooming down Snow Hill, dancing over the ice, and flying over the farm, there is still plenty of daylight to enjoy more of the farm. Leave time for a quick ride on the Dell’Osso Express Train, a visit to the animal zoo, and time to play on the tire pyramid. You also do not want to miss the treats and treasures at the County Store.

One of the highlights of the Country Store is the bakery.  The warm, sugary smells of freshly baked pies and cookies will welcome you inside.  You will also find freshly prepared Apple Spiced donuts and dipped chocolate covered apples.  A slow visit through the store will entice you with local specialty items, baked goods, packaged treats, and irresistible holiday decorations.  The hot chocolate and coffee are the perfect end to a day spent in a holiday wonderland.

Tips for a Fun Day at Dell’Osso Family Farm

Dell'Osso Farm - Peddle Raceway - Local Backroads

Dell’Osso Farm – Peddle Raceway – Local Backroads

There is no doubt that Holiday on the Farm at Dell’Osso has something for everyone to enjoy. But a few tips can only add to the fun of the experience.

  1. Keep in mind that there are options to eat within the park. However, families are welcome to bring in coolers with lunch and snacks to enjoy at the picnic table. Planning with a picnic means more time to play, and less time worrying about finding a place to sit for a snack.
  2. Even though we are in California, it gets chilly!  Be sure you bring a warm jacket, gloves, a hat, and a scarf.  Spending time on the ice is much colder than just enjoying time at a park covered in grass. Plus, the air is crisp – especially as the sun goes down.  There are spectacular lights at the farm in the dark hours, so bring a coat to keep warm to enjoy the evening hours.
  3. Keep in mind this is truly a farm. Although the activities and the ambiance of that of a first-class amusement park, it is still a farm. Be prepared to get a little dirt (or mud) on your boots. Facilities are well-maintained port-a-potties.

Celebrate Family At Dell’Osso Family Farm

With the children out on break from school and visitors coming into town, looking for fun, family-friendly ways to spend the day can be daunting.  But, Holidays on the Farm at Dell’Osso is truly the perfect way to celebrate fun, family, and the holidays.  When you are ready to explore your local backroads, be sure your journey includes a stop at Holidays on the Farm.

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