Updates to Brentwood’s Banner Up! Program Celebrating Local Artists

The Art Guild of the Delta is excited to bring the Banner Up program back to downtown Brentwood for the fourth year! This playful display of local art is sponsored by the City of Brentwood’s Department of Economic Development, the City of Brentwood Art Commission and the Art Guild of the Delta.  Learn how you can participate in the virtual auction and support the Banner Up program.

Enjoy Banner Up! Art Downtown

Regardless of whether you consider yourself an artist or not, everyone can enjoy the local community art throughout the summer season.  The artwork will be displayed throughout the downtown corridor to be enjoyed by all. The Art Guild of the Delta invites you to explore the Historic Downtown Brentwood Corridor while practicing safe social distancing, to enjoy each unique piece of art and soak in the welcoming downtown atmosphere. 

Banner Up - Downtown Brentwood Banner

For those of you interested in viewing the banners without the Walking Tour, banners will be displayed in the Brentwood Community Center throughout September. There is no cost to visit the displayed art, and community members are welcome to stop by.  

How You Can Purchase A Banner 

The banners are not for individual sale but are all part of the Art Show and Benefit Auction.  The proceeds from each Banner will be split equally between the artist and a non-profit organization. 

This year, the Art Guild of the Delta is providing two places where you can bid on a banner.  First, is the Gala and Benefit Auction that is held on October 3, 2020, at the Community Center.  The second option is through an online benefit. The online auction is new to the Banner Up program this year.  The idea behind online bidding was to include participants to bid and enjoy the local art to people who might not be able to attend the Gala.   In fact,  

The online auction will be available on the Art Guild of the Delta’s main website.  The website will showcase photos of the banners, information about the artist, and insight into the artist’s vision.  

Banner Up - Brentwood 3

Banners Created by Local Artists

Banner Up - Brentwood 3

Banners Created by Local Artists

Banner Up - Brentwood

Banners Created by Local Artists

Who Benefits from the Banner Up! Program? 

The Banner Up program has benefits to people throughout the community.  From the artists, the local art community, and to the non-profit the Banner Up program supports annually. 

First, the Banner Up program creates a space where local artists can showcase their talent.  The Art Guild of the Delta is a non-profit organization, based in East Contra Costa County, that came together to create a space where local artists could come together and inspire creativity amongst themselves and the community. The Art Guild of the Delta provides art classes, spaces for local artists to showcase their work, scholarships for students, and brings arts to the community. As art education has decreased in public education, the Art Guild of the Delta also supports the Art Docent Program.  The Art Docent Program brings creative arts to students in K-8 education. The Banner Up program is a way in which the Art Guild of the Delta brings its mission to the community. 

Second, each year the Art Guild of the Delta chooses a non-profit to support.  The Art Guild of the Delta gives 50% of the proceeds from the Banner Up program to a different non-profit each year.  This year they have selected to partner with the Ghostlight Theatre Ensemble. This nascent performing arts organization is dedicated to bringing together local performing artists, business leaders, and educators together to entertain, educate, and enrich the community through the performing arts. 

Save the Date to Attend the Banner Up! Gala 

The Art Guild of the Delta will also celebrate a Gala and Benefit Auction on October 3, 2020, from 6 pm to 9 pm at the Community Center, located at 35 Oak Street.  This event is a Benefit Auction, where each Banner will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. While enjoying appetizers provided by Zepher Grill and Bar and local, award-winning wine provided by Bloomfield Vineyards, you can enjoy an evening out. Music will be provided by jazz musician Eric Prosch on the saxophone. 

Banner Up - Brentwood

Banner Up Gala
Photo by Ron Essex

Banner Up Gala - Brentwood CA

Banner Up Gala
Photo Credit to Ron Essex

You Can Participate in the Banner Up Program

The Banner Up Program is one in which everyone in the community can participate.  Local artists can showcase their talent, while the community can enjoy the unique pieces of art throughout the downtown.  You can also support the arts in Brentwood by bidding on your favorite banners.   

Banner Up - Downtown Brentwood

Be sure to mark your calendar with the following important dates.

Banner Pick-Up: March 7-8 from 12 pm – 4 pm at the Delta Gallery

Banner Due Date: May 9 at the Delta Gallery from 12 pm – 4 pm 

Walk About Downtown: June, July, and August

Meet the Artists: Second Thursday in September at the Community Center 

Gala and Benefit Auction: October 3 at the Community Center from 6 pm – 9 pm


Complete Rules and Applications found here!

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